“Kiss of the Damned” Film Clip
4 November, 2012 Author: Catagories: Films, Gallery, Kiss of the Damned, Videos

Hi again, everyone! I still haven’t gotten set up at my new place, but I’ve continued to be a fan of Roxane and her work and I have some catch-up material to share with you all before I head back. First up today is the first film clip from her upcoming movie “Kiss of the Damned” by Xan Cassavetes. You can watch below and check out screencaptures in our gallery — hopefully a full trailer and more material will be released soon since it already had its premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September. No word on an exact release date, just that it’s due out some time in 2013. It looks promising so far, and I have to say Roxane makes a great vampire!

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“Kiss of the Damned” Stills
14 August, 2012 Author: Catagories: Films, Gallery, Kiss of the Damned

Hi, everyone! Apologies for the extended absence — I’ve been in the middle of a move (among other things) and then once things settled down all of my site files were on a different computer that didn’t move with me. Thankfully we have Roxane’s Twitter now to keep us up to date as well! I have more catch-up to do, but for today see the first 3 stills of Roxane’s character Mimi in the film “Kiss of the Damned.” The movie is due out later this year and will screen at the Venice Film Festival.

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“The Most Fun You Can Have Dying” Trailer & Stills
18 February, 2012 Author: Catagories: Films, Gallery, The Most Fun You Can Have Dying, Videos

A trailer for Roxane’s upcoming film “The Most Fun You Can Have Dying” has been released, as well as a poster and a few new production stills. The movie comes out April 26th in New Zealand. Watch below and take a look at the images in the gallery!

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“Quand j’étais gothique” Screencaptures & Stills
27 September, 2011 Author: Catagories: Films, Gallery, Quand j'étais gothique

A short film Roxane participated in called “Quand j’étais gothique” has been released via TV chain Arte. They’ve also put it online for streaming if you live in countries where Arte broadcasts! The link to watch on Arte’s website is here. See a bit of info, stills, and screencaptures below.


Aurore comes out of detox. Her big sister, who she’s never been close to, wants to take her life in hand, for her own good, against her will. Aurore resists, then succumbs, as if to a new drug.


First “The Most Fun You Can Have Dying” Images
22 August, 2011 Author: Catagories: Films, Gallery, The Most Fun You Can Have Dying

I have a nice update today. Big thanks to reader Belle for sending these in! We have our first glimpse of Roxane as Sylvie in her upcoming movie “The Most Fun You Can Have Dying” — she looks great! Hopefully a trailer might follow soon.

“Les Vagues” Stills + 2001 Appearance + Scans!
9 July, 2011 Author: Catagories: Films, Gallery, Magazine Scans, Public Appearances

Since we’ve already started getting more traffic thanks to Roxane’s exposure in “Gossip Girl”, I want to make sure the site is as complete as possible! For today I’ve added some “vintage” Roxane odds and ends: stills from her 2005 telefilm “Les Vagues” and some more photos from the 2001 Berlin Film Festival, where she was promoting “À ma soeur!”. It’s crazy to think that movie is 10 years old this year!

Thanks to Marine I also have some new magazine scans for the gallery! She’s sent Roxane’s page in Be (see last post) as well as a feature from Paris Match from 2009. Enjoy!

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“Sennentuntschi” DVD Screencaptures
2 July, 2011 Author: Catagories: Films, Gallery, Sennentuntschi

I’ve added over 700 high quality DVD captures from Roxane’s long-shelved, finally-released Swiss film “Sennentuntschi.” Enjoy!

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New Project! “Kiss of the Damned”
13 June, 2011 Author: Catagories: Articles/Press, Films, News & Rumors

Roxane has a new project! It’s already finished filming and the title is “Kiss of the Damned”, directed by Alexandra Cassavetes. Roxane co-stars as vampire sister to Joséphine de la Baume, the French actress/model (perhaps best known stateside for dating Mark Ronson.) Read a bit more below.

Helmer Xan Cassavetes, the daughter of indie icon John Cassavetes, has wrapped production on her narrative feature debut “Kiss of the Damned.”

The Verisimilitude/Deer Jen production stars French thesps Josephine de la Baume and Roxane Mesquida, as well as Milo Ventimiglia, while Michael Rappaport, Riley Keough and Anna Mouglalis co-star.

Alex Orlovsky (‘Blue Valentine”) and Jen Gatien (“Holy Rollers”) produced the Cassavetes-scripted pic.

Story centers around two beautiful French vampire sisters who have separately come to stay at a summer estate — a ‘safe house’ in Connecticut. Ventimiglia plays a screenwriter who begins a love affair with the “good” sister and insists on joining her among the undead. However, after they begin their life together, the other “bad” sister (Mesquida) shows up and begins wreaking havoc almost as soon as she arrives. Slowly, her dark presence threatens to destroy them all.

The visual style of “Kiss of the Damned” is said to be heavily inspired by the look and feel of European art vampire movies of the ’70s, and Cassavetes’ visual influences for the project include Tony Scott’s vampire pic “The Hunger,” Bernardo Bertolucci’s hyper-stylized “The Conformist” and the Belgian vampire classic “Daughters of Darkness.”


This project sounds like a good fit for Roxane — she certainly has the perfect look for the genre! No news on an expected release, but stay tuned.

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“Kaboom” DVD Screencaptures
22 April, 2011 Author: Catagories: Films, Gallery, Kaboom

I’m adding these a little later than I would have liked, but they’re up now! Screencaptures of Roxane in Gregg Araki’s “Kaboom” are now in the gallery. It’s a little sad to see all the promotion for the film come to an end, but it was nice to finally see it. Enjoy! There are some spoilers about Roxane’s character in them, however, so keep that in mind if you haven’t seen it yet.

“Rubber” DVD Screencaptures
16 March, 2011 Author: Catagories: Films, Gallery, Rubber, Videos

After a long wait, “Rubber” has finally been released on DVD! It’s available in France right now, but will be released soon in the UK and it’s also available On-Demand in the US. I’ve added high-quality screencaps to the gallery, which you can see below. Roxane isn’t featured that often, but she looks lovely in it.

Worth noting is that the soundtrack (collaborated between director Quentin Dupieux/Mr. Oizo and Justice’s Gaspard Augé) is also available to buy on iTunes — in a year of movies where electronic soundtracks have had a lot of success, I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten much buzz. Tracks like “Tricycle Express” are more like what I expected to hear (and didn’t) when it was announced Daft Punk would be scoring a film.

You can also watch a featurette/intro put together by Magnolia Films below. Roxane is interviewed towards the middle!

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